Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prom Night (Music.Dance.Life) @ Summit Hotel

coming sooooooooon..




i gotta collect all the pictures from all the different cameras and handphones..
i forgotten to charge my handphone that night =_=.

stay tuned ;P

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I M back again !

HOLA! i'm back after a long long time again :D
busy with SPM for the past few weeks.
overall SPM was ok for me, but i was KO in history paper -_-
ish. screw it!

Last friday was my cousin's new born baby full month dinner.
had dinner @ Oriental Pavilion, Jaya33.
so as usual, i was the "Ahmat" again.
i seriously hate driving in the night, and somemore it was raining!
and i'm totally disagree of "girls are always a lousy driver" lorrr!
i don't think so okayyy! nowadays all the girls driver are far more steadier
than the guys. right ladies? ;p
okay, let's back to my topic.
hmm the environment there was good, but the food was... bad?
but i don't think everyone bothered about the food, because all
of them were drinking chivas all night long. gosh. including my mum -_-
she and my auntie were soooo drunk, they kept calling themselves
"ah lian ah lian", and so did my uncles, they called themselves "ah beng"
swt swt.
"hong gai dan" red eggs

the new born baby boy.

me & mandy. take1

*shout out loud*
i'm having my last paper on this thursday.
after thursday, i'm free like a bird~
i believe i can fly~ i believe i can touch the sky~
booohooo! sing out loud wey! come'on lets go cheong k! ;P
that's all for now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm sleepy.

haha first of all, i don't know what title should i put for this post.
and since i'm sleepy now, so i shall put this as my title ;p

just got back from supper and dinner. wow combo!
awww, so tired ! and so bloated! over eating +_+
anyway, i was the driver who drove all the way down to
Klang for dinner and i'm also the driver who drives to supper just
now. ehh since when i become an Ahmat? =_=

okies, i think that's all for now.
i'm off to bed soon.
owhhhh i'm so lazy to remove my make up! *yawn*

hoho nice bracelet kan? daddy got it for me. its from Evita Peroni.

blaahhhh! night peeps!
have a sweet sweet dream.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i am back after a long time!

It has been a while since my last post.
i have been missing in action recently.
it took me decades to think what to blog as i'm running out of ideas on what to write anymore.
i guess afterall I AM NOT A GOOD BLOGGER,
or in other words, I AM A LAME BLOGGER =_=
( this is what Ms.Tai Huay Zi forced me to say soooooo! ;p )

Have been really busy recently.
SPM is approaching so so soon!
i'm getting nervous as time goes by, but on the other hand,
i am also very lazy to do my revision ;p most of the time i am watching this taiwan
series - "Fated To Love You". kind of outdate huh? yes i know. lols.
i think "Fated To Love You" is a real good series.
i must keep back my word few months ago when i accused fat Z for
being childish when she told me she was watching this series. lalala~
& i think "Ji Chun Xi" is far more good looking than Ming Dao.
(Ms. Tai Huay Zi's opinion, not mine, so Ming Dao's fans, hit her with eggs, quick quick! )

"Fated To Love You"

Ruan Jing Tian aka Ji Chun Xi
Ming Dao
so which one do you guys prefer?
i personally prefer Ruan Jing Tian ;p
i'm studying like hell recently. boohoo!
SaikChyi, MunChi, Samuel and WeiWei came to my house for
group study yesterday. but ended up with nothing. haha!
because i was SICK! i vomitted four times yesterday night!
my medicine

you see you see. i got study one you know!
Okies, i will have to end here.
i feel so dizzy now,
i'll update something about my Raya holiday to Cambodia soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

say byebye to trials!

Hurrrayyyyy! shout out loud loud loud!
finally i was done with the damn trials!
i'm totally FREE now!
there's nothing much for me to update recently. my blog is so so dead =_=

went to Kose warehouse sales today and yesterday.
all the prices were markdown! that's pretty cheap you know.
i mean compare to the original prices. its really worth it!
so ladies, do check it out @ Dataran Prima, Aman Suria.
Tomorrow is the last day yo! better go there for a look.
maybe you could get something nice, reasonable price there. ;)
and yes, i've been using Kose product since last year?
hmm couldn't remember though.

here are all the stuff i got from the warehouse sales.

Toner, Foaming Wash, Cleaning Oil, Make-up remover, Whitening Mask,
Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Sunblock.

super super worthy! ;D

Okies, gotta go now.
i'm doing mask now ;p
byeeee! & nights!

Friday, September 12, 2008


awakened by grandmum as usual this morning.
but i just felt something different.
yea, my brother is going to uk today.
a morning flight at 10 in the morning.
couldn't send him to airport because i'm having trials. ;(
Bahasa Melayu paper somemore! urgh.
so i can't skip for the test. sigh.
but he actually wore the prl i gave him to the airport. haha!
do you know i was broke after buying him that shirt?
see laa how much i sayang you as my brother! ;p

super vain brother ;p i don't have his solo picture because he hates to take picture ,and i don't know when i took this picture. =_=

Okies, i wanna take some rest now.
lack of sleep nowadays.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ahh stressss!

HOLLA! its been awhile since i last update.
very busy nowadays, busy with trials, tuitions and all.
stresss 99 lat lat! can i not sit for the SPM? can i steal all the SPM
question papers and burn it or throw it into the sea?
AHHHHH ki siao ki siao! screw it!

its 2.45 in the morning now and i'm not asleep.
so i decided to blog something here.
but there's nothing for me to blog =_=
awww you can ignore me ;p

anyway, went Misu @ Bangsar Village for dinner with daddy's
friends today, a superbly japanese restaurant.
i'm so in love with the black sesame ice cream there!
woohoo nice nice nice, double thumbs up!
didn't snap any photos there because i'm shy to take picture in
front of uncles, aunties ;p

Okies, gotta go now.
nights people ;)

i looked so young in this pic ;p haha!